Daughters of Anatolia DVD


Daughters of Anatolia DVDDaughters of Anatolia DVD

Producer/Director Halé Sofia Schatz

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The documentary film Daughters of Anatolia follows a family of nomadic goat herders as they and their 350 animals travel ancient seasonal migration routes, alternating between winters on the Mediterranean and summers in the Taurus Mountains. Producer/Director Halé Sofia Schatz documents a lifestyle in transition — one that has roots in traditions dating to the 12th century but that now faces challenges from an increasingly urbanized world. For further information, see DaughtersOfAnatolia.com.

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Included with shipment is a single DVD in NTSC format (North America). The language is Turkish with English subtitles. (*Please note: At this time, shipping is within the United States only. We hope to have a streaming version available online by mid- to late 2016.)

“A gorgeous ethnographic film. So moving… awe inspiring.”
— Cindy Kleine, Director, “Phyllis and Harold” and “Before and After Dinner”

“I found the film lyrical, touching and full of humanity. Congrats, Halé on your extraordinary paean to this vanishing way of life.”
— Sabine Hrechdakian, Writer and Restaurateur