Nourishment Resources


Below are a selection of nourishment resources we have found especially valuable in our nourishment work. Please note that we have no financial relationship with any of the companies, programs or practitioners listed on these pages. is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

Kitchen & Cooking Products

Almonds: Raw, Unpasteurized, and Nonfumigated
Living Nutz

Make Your Own Pickles, Japanese Presses
Goldmine Natural Food

Organic Natural Fermentation Pickles
Real Pickles

Natural Fermented Kimchee Vegetables
Sunjas Kimchi

Organic Miso
• Great Eastern Sun
• South River Miso

Sea Vegetables
• SeaVeg (Maine)
• The Seaweed Man (Maine)
• (Northern California)

Organic Sprouted Flour and Essene Breads
• One Degree Organics
• Shiloh Farms
• Manna Organic Bakery

Sprouting equipment and organic seeds
• Sprout People
• Sprout Man

Vegetable Juicers
• Breville USA
• Omega Juicers
• Champion Juicer
• Acme Ultimate Weight Products

Pressure cookers, baby food grinders, vegetable knives, and more
Goldmine Natural Food


• Nature’s Way
• Country Life (vegetarian and dairy-free)
• Udo’s Choice Probiotic Blends (vegetarian and dairy-free)

Colon & Organ Cleansers

CleanseSmart and FiberSmart
Internal cleanse and flax fiber products from Renew Life

Spring/Fall Tonic
Dandelion/Burdock root tincture from Avena Botanicals

Whey, Yogurt & Cheese

Organic Goat Whey and Cow Whey
Tera’s Whey

Goat Whey Protein
Mattole Valley Naturals

Organic Whey Powder
The Organic Whey

Make Your Own Yogurt
Lucy’s Kitchen Shop

Healthy Culture Starters
Cultures for Health

Make Your Own Cheese