Food Combining


“Each time we feed ourselves is an opportunity to practice self-love, compassion, and reverence for our spiritual nature.”
— from If the Buddha Came to Dinner

You can improve your digestion and increase your energy just by combining the right foods together. The word digestion comes from the Latin for “separate” or “arrange.” With food combining, you assist digestion by separating and prearranging your food before you eat it. The simple rule of thumb is: the simpler the meal, the easier digestion will be. Experiment for yourself and see how you feel when you do — and do not — use the following combinations.

The graphic below shows the appropriate combinations for easiest digestion. Vegetables can be combined with other vegetables, proteins, or grains. Proteins can be combined with vegetables. Grains can be combined with vegetables. Fruits should always be eaten separately.

A laminated version of the Heart of Nourishment Food Combining Chart is available from our Store. Alternately, you may download a PDF version.

Food Chart