Goat FAQs

Photo: Joanne Rathe Strohmeyer

What do you feed your goats?

For the milkers: Either New County Organics 15% or Organic VT Green Mountain 20%. Additionally, flax seeds, kelp, sunflower seeds, and carrots, kale/collards from the garden.

Depending on the goat, I give either organic whole oats and/or barley. Oats for goats that need to be calmed and have a fast burning system. Goats that have a slower metabolism, I will feed only barley.  Otherwise, they gain too much weight and it does not show up in the milk pail.

For non-milkers in the winter: Small amount of New Country Organics  15% and flax and kelp. For the summer: Forage and hay only.

Free access: Organic minerals from New Country Organics, baking soda, 1st and 2nd cut hay (for milkers) as well as woodland trails, pasture grasses daily.

How do you get your goats to milk for longer than 1-2 years?

I have been committed to longer lactation periods, usually 3- 5 years, for my goats. This means that I don’t breed them every year. Producing 2-4 kids yearly is difficult on their bodies.  It does take extra commitment to make sure their nutrient density and protein needs are met during this duration.  In addition to their feed, mine have access to woodland forage including tree bark, dried leaves and acorns in the winter, and plenty of pasture grasses in the summer. Additionally, sunflower seeds, especially in winter and daily flax seeds and kelp.