Interviews with Halé

Photo: Joanne Rathe
How Halé began raising goats and making her own goat cheese and the transformational process of connecting to the source of nourishment.
Halé Sofia Schatz at the Harvard film screening of Daughters of Anatolia on November 4, 2015.

Books & Films

Daughters of Anatolia
This documentary follows a family of nomadic goat herders as they and their 350 animals travel ancient seasonal migration routes in Turkey.
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If the Buddha
Came to Dinner

Halé translates the wisdom of the oldest cultures on earth and adapts them to our modern lives.
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The Nourishment Cleanse Workbook
walks you through all the steps to complete a Nourishment Cleanse™ on your own.
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Food Combining Chart
This chart explains the food combinations for easiest digestion.
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