Cleanse Questions

What Nourishment Cleanse products do you recommend?
There are a number of cleanse products on the market. Please check the Resources section of our website for more information.

Is the Nourishment Cleanse™ a fast?
The Nourishment Cleanse™ is a food based cleanse and not a fast. You will be feeding yourself regularly throughout the entire process.

Is The Nourishment Cleanse Workbook available in bookstores?
The Heart of Nourishment Workbook is not available in bookstores at this time and only available through our website store.

Should vitamin supplements be taken while doing a Nourishment Cleanse™?
You can maintain your normal supplements while cleansing.

Is the Nourishment Cleanse™ safe during pregnancy and/or nursing?
Cleansing is not recommend during pregnancy or nursing. If you are nursing a baby older than 1-1/2 years, the third phase of the Cleanse can be incorporated to include plenty of protein, vegetables and grains.

Is it okay to eat more frequently during the Nourishment Cleanse™?
The foods you will be consuming are easy to digest and will move quickly through your system. Most people need to feed themselves every 2-3 hours. Listen to your body and respond accordingly.

I normally eat a lot of grains but am experiencing a drop of energy during the second phase of the Nourishment Cleanse™. Should I continue or go to the third phase?
Your body’s response to the energy drain is fairly common with people who have sensitivities to carbohydrate digestion. For some people it is best to have a very short second phase or go directly to the third phase. These body responses may indicate that you are carbohydrate sensitive and may need to consider lessening the amount of grain at each meal. Also, be aware of other carbohydrates or fruits that you may be unknowingly consuming as snacks. It may also be supportive to add flax oil or fish oil to your diet as you lessen the carbohydrates.

I don’t eat much grain normally. Can I skip the second phase of the Nourishment Cleanse™ and go to the third?
Some people can go directly from the first phase to the third phase if they are very clear that grains are not optimum food for them.

The sugar in fruit makes me feel unfocused and hyper. Do I need to eat fruits during the first phase of the Nourishment Cleanse™?
Many people would benefit from eating less fruit or no fruit at all for the first phase, or for some, the entirety of the Nourishment Cleanse™. This also allows you to be more creative by including more vegetable options.

I haven’t prepared for the cleanse as well as I would have liked to because of my life/work schedule. What would you suggest to ease my transition into the Nourishment Cleanse™?
To ease the transition into cleansing, you can start from the third phase and work backwards. This phase will allow you to gently rid your body of the toxins with minimal reactions from the body, which can allow an easier transition to the other phases.  I recommend this approach of starting with the third phase, moving to second (optional), then the first phase, for many people.

Can using the food combining principles in the Nourishment Cleanse™ help with digestion?
Because one of the main purposes of the Nourishment Cleanse™ is to simplify digestion, many people find the food combining principles very helpful to continue in their daily practice after the cleansing process.

How can I adapt the Nourishment Cleanse™ guidelines to foods available in my local area?  I live outside the U.S.
The easiest guideline for people in different geographic locales is to pay attention to what is growing in your area presently. When undertaking a cleansing discipline, always choose locally grown green +  starchy vegetables,  fruits, and proteins when possible.

What is the recipe for the Grapefruit Flush you recommend?
During the winter, a 14-day Grapefruit Flush first thing in the morning helps kick the winter blues and flush out the extra accumulations from winter eating. Use a fresh grapefruit and hand/machine squeeze it. Do not use the packaged variety. People who are on medications should ask their health professional before using grapefruit juice.

  • Juice of one grapefruit
  • 1 Tbsp Flax oil or olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp organic soy lecithin
  • 1 clove garlic (optional)

My multivitamin causes constipation. Is there an alternative way to supplement my vitamins and minerals?
Consider purchasing a “green drink” product that can be mixed with water. There a number of them on the shelves at natural food markets. Please check our Resources page for reference. Additionally, go a la carte with the vitamins you feel are important to you. For example, purchase vitamin C, calcium-mag, B-complex, etc, separately and swallow them with the green drink. Consider adding 1-2 Tbs flax or fish oil to your daily supplement regimen as well.

Are there probiotic capsules without gelatin for vegetarians?
Yes, please check our  our listing of probiotics in the Resources section of our website.

Is edamame okay to consume during phase one of the cleanse, since it is a protein?
Organic edamame is acceptable in the first phase if you feel your body needs the extra vegetable protein and fiber. Check in with your body to see if it should be introduced in the first, or perhaps a later phase.